Hello Blue Ridge!

We have run the fiber down all the streets between S Business 78,  S FM 545 and Pruett. We have also run the tubing from the street to most of the homes in this area. There are about 8 homes in this area we haven’t been able to reach the home owners.

If you are interested in having fiber run to your home, but haven’t signed up yet, or have questions, please contact Dina Brown at (903) 331-0978. You can also pre-register online on our website-TexasISP.Net!

We would like you to know we are running the fiber to the home for free while we are in your area! Once we move to a different area the cost for this service is $4000 to $5000.  Please don’t miss out on this opportunity! Did we happen to mention that it raises your property value with out raising your taxes!?!?

On to the good stuff.… Today  the crew has started jetting fiber to all the homes and businesses. The fiber is glass and it is run through  a machine that jets it into the green tubing. I had the opportunity to stand and watch this being done, very interesting!

While I was there, I was also fortunate enough to meet the man that makes the fiber in South Korea! Mr. Sung, the owner and manufacturer, was delighted to come to Blue Ridge and see his product at work!

What does all this mean to you? Well if all goes as planned,  fiber will be up and running in your home by December 1st!  1st photo is glass fiber on the wheel running to the machine that jets it, 2nd photo is the machine that bring the fiber in on the left and jets it out into the tubing on the right, 3rd photo is Reese- owner of Polarity, Mr. Sung – owner and manufacturer of the glass fiber and Joe – introduced Mr. Sung to Reese. Now you know how the fiber got to Blue Ridge! Until next time…