Bringing Fiber Internet Service
to Blue Ridge, TX

fiber internet, wifi, tower cam view, blue ridge tx

NE Tower Cam View

fiber internet, wifi, tower cam view, blue ridge tx

NW Tower Cam View

Texas ISP is dedicated to bringing high-speed fiber internet to the growing rural community of Blue Ridge, Texas. We are currently launching fiber to the home in Blue Ridge, and we can provide Wi-Fi while you’re waiting for fiber internet service in your area.

We are proud to be a local Blue Ridge based business supporting Blue Ridge residents with high speed internet service. Our focus is on our community and helping it grow and become more productive.


Find the best internet package for your needs. Choose from 3 FTTH plans, or Wi-Fi if fiber hasn’t reached you yet.


Keep an eye on the exciting progress of our high-speed fiber internet project in Blue Ridge, Texas.


Learn about our team and why we were inspired to bring fiber internet to the community of Blue Ridge.

Get the speeds you need!